Following the showcasing of its cutting-edge technology at the StageSmarts stand of the recent ProLight+Sound show in Frankfurt, SpectralBot is very proud to announce that StageSmarts has now become the first officially “SpectralBot Supported” manufacturer within the SpectralBot ecosystem.

SpectralBot has a mission to improve and facilitate the quality of service as well as the reliability of professional audiovisual, lighting, networking and power equipment. We do this using augmented reality and artificial intelligence. And we’re very pleased to have StageSmarts join our platform. I feel certain that our combined efforts will bring the user experience for StageSmarts customers to new heights.Claude Ostyn, Managing Director of SpectralBot

By becoming a “SpectralBot Supported” manufacturer, StageSmarts gives their customers using the C-series power distribution units the augmented experience of SpectralBot. This helps them supervise activity, identify and troubleshoot any issues quickly and swiftly, get access to system documentation. And finally – the ability to call for interactive remote expert support if needed.

StageSmarts is all about bringing power distribution into the 21st century. The world of AV-technology deserves solutions that makes power not just safer to deal with but also much more visible. Hope is not a strategy, one needs to know what is going on and have the tools to take the right action when needed. The SpectralBot system fits perfectly into this, and it will be a very valuable extension for our demanding users worldwide. We’re super excited to be involved with this.Mats Karlsson, CEO of StageSmarts;

From now on, StageSmarts can carry the unique “SpectralBot Supported” badge.

Claude Ostyn Email +32 (0)50 820 878.