DetaiLED / SpectralBot Supported

SpectralBot, the leading provider of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for professional AV-equipment, is excited to announce DetaiLED as its newest “SpectralBot Supported” manufacturer. The integration of DetaiLED’s Resolution Processor into the SpectralBot platform marks a significant step in enhancing technical support and user experience.

SpectralBot is committed to streamlining the identification and resolution of technical issues within the professional AV industry. We are delighted to welcome DetaiLED and their Resolution Processor to our platform, offering their users access to our distinctive AR-based interface.Claude Ostyn, Managing Director of SpectralBot

As a SpectralBot Supported manufacturer, DetaiLED empowers its customers and Resolution Processor users with an augmented experience through SpectralBot. This integration enables users to monitor activities, swiftly identify and troubleshoot issues, access product documentation, and, when necessary, seek interactive remote expert support.

Excitement abounds as we welcome being a ‘SpectralBot Supported’ manufacturer with a particular focus on enhancing the support for our ground-breaking ‘Resolution Processor’ – the fastest display processor in the world, enriched with a wealth of intellectual property. This processor stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest picture quality available. SpectralBot’s integration will further increase our comprehensive DetaiLED solution, offering an enhanced customer service experience.Marc Van Eekeren, Partner at DetaiLED;

Starting today, DetaiLED can proudly display the distinctive “SpectralBot Supported” badge, signifying the seamless integration of its products with SpectralBot’s innovative AR and AI technologies.

For more information, contact:

Claude Ostyn
+32 (0)50 820 878.