Megapixel’s HELIOS® LED Processing Platform processor becomes the first video processor to be integrated in and supported by SpectralBot.

SpectralBot has the mission to help users of professional AV-equipment trace and tackle technical problems quickly, using augmented reality and artificial intelligence. And today, we’re very pleased to welcome Megapixel as the first video manufacturer, onto our platform. The integration of Megapixel elevates our augmented reality experience to new heights, not solely presenting insights regarding HELIOS, but also enabling intuitive controls
Claude Ostyn, Managing Director of SpectralBot

By becoming a “SpectralBot Supported” manufacturer, Megapixel gives its customers and HELIOS users, the augmented experience of SpectralBot. This will help them supervise activity, identify and troubleshoot any issues quickly and swiftly, and get access to product documentation. And ultimately – the ability to call for interactive remote expert support if needed.

We are excited for our new integration with SpectralBot. Megapixel’s HELIOS API is so powerful and extensible, and to see an entire AR application giving meaningful screen data to a user leveraging this API is exactly why we put so much effort into these tools. Who says troubleshooting shouldn’t be fun? 😎
Jeremy Hochman, CEO and co-founder of Megapixel

From now on, Megapixel can carry the unique “SpectralBot Supported” badge.

Claude Ostyn Email +32 (0)50 820 878.